1860 Local Rate Numbers or UAN

1860 Local Rate Numbers: 1860xxxxxxx are Local Rate Number or Universal Access Number service in which customers are charged for Local Call only. A call to a service subscriber will be paid by the calling party or split between the calling and called party. Service is accessible from networks of other Operators also 11 digit number 1860-XYZ-ABCD.
  • Number with Prefix of "1860" followed by a seven digit are NOT TOLL FREE Number but local rate numbers
  • Calling party pays the local rate and the called party pays long distance call charges (if any). 
  • For Example TATA SKY Customer care Number: 18602086633 is Not toll Free Number but Local rate Number. 
  • The service is an ideal business promotion tool for business communities who want the people to call them without any hassle such as Hospitals, Educational institutes, NGO, Law firms and small firms.